Semalt Expert: A Highly Efficient Web Content Extractor

To understand how a web content extractor works, you need to find out what a web content is. In simple terms, web content is anything you see on a web page. These are images, audio files, videos and texts of course. Sometimes, you may come across the content that is properly arranged and easy to extract and sometimes you may face a web page which content is very difficult to copy and paste manually. And oftentimes, the problem is not the content itself, but the high volume of web pages you have to scrape.

For instance, do you think anyone can manually copy content from hundreds of pages? What if it has to be done on a daily basis? This is where a web content extractor comes in. A web content extractor is a software, tool, program, or application that can be used to scrape data from structured, semi-structured, or unstructured web pages. Having defined what a web content extractor is, it is also necessary to define in simple terms what web data extraction is.

In a nutshell, web data extraction is the process of using a tool, software, or script to crawl web pages and extract specified data from them. This tool can also be used to present the scraped data in a structured format. The problem here is that only a very few people can develop a web scraping program. This is what gave birth to WebSundew web data extractor.

The extractor was developed to extract various data elements from multiple web pages within a very short time period. WebSundew web content extractor can scrape data from all kinds of web pages. That is why companies from various sectors use it to scrape badly structured data from a large number of web pages. Of course, it has been serving them perfectly because of its flexibility.

The tool is used in the following spheres:

  • Human resources industry
  • Online media
  • Recruitment agency
  • Transportation industry
  • Educational management
  • Telecommunications
  • Consumer goods
  • Government administration
  • Information technology and services
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Computer and network security
  • Logistics and supply

This list will continue to get longer because the tool is very efficient, accurate and does not require any programming knowledge. Since web data extraction has become an indispensable part of every business, the importance of web data extraction tools cannot be overestimated.

Despite this tool is very efficient, its developers are still open to users' feedbacks trying to make it even better. Although there are other tools for web extraction, WebSundew web content extractor is one of the most accurate and speedy ones. It can extract data from over one hundred web pages within a few minutes. In short, the product is very easy to use and it is also customer-oriented.